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Our school was named for Mr. A.J. Stout who began teaching in the Topeka Public Schools at Topeka High School in 1899, after teaching at THS for 5 years he was made vice-principal and in 1999 was promoted to principal. In 1918, after gaining a reputation as being an educator with a vision, he was promoted again and became the Superintendent of the Topeka Public Schools.

Mr. Stout served as the superintendent for 24 years. When Mr. Stout retired in 1942 he said, “We have gradually liberalized the schools so that there is not just one way to do a thing. We have tried to give the child who can use his hands better than his voice or something else a chance to develop that native talent. I am proud of the fact that every youngster has had a chance as nearly as we could give it and that we’ve tried to give everybody a square deal.”

Today, 55 years later, the staff at A.J. Stout Elementary School are dedicated to continuing Mr. Stout’s mission of offering a variety of learning opportunities so that every student finds success through their own strengths and talents. As the principal of Stout Elementary School, I’m confident when I say Mr. A.J. Stout would be proud of the teaching and learning that is happening everyday in the school whose name is a tribute to all he worked for as a forefather of our school district.

We will continue to strive to "give everybody a  square deal."

We welcome you to come visit us in our beautiful neighborhood setting and see for yourself the wonderful teaching and learning that is happening everyday at A.J. Stout Elementary School.


Litfin Jeff

Jeff Litfin - Principal